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Due to the Station Fire of 2009, no volunteer work will be needed until further notice. Click on
picture below to see the destruction.
WIND WOLVES PRESERVE - Members of Beyond Basecamp and the ODC have teamed up with
Kathi Fuentevilla on her effort to assist Wind Wolves with weekend camp out projects like planting trees,
rebuilding miles of  fences and removing plants that don't belong to the area. Thank you Kathy for all your
hard work on setting up these work projects.
Hike For Discovery - A team from the The
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

This adventure fundraising team worked super
hard on a trail leading down to one of our
adopted trail camps
Valley Forge in the Angeles
National Forest.

As you can see from the first picture below, the
trail had completely disappeared from over grown
brush. After a days hard work of cutting and
clearing we finally got the trail back in view.

Thanks guys, you did an awesome job!!
Beyond Basecamp has teamed up with
many organizations, company's and
nonprofites that care for the environment.
On this project we teamed up with
REI and
Leave No Trace on a major trash clean up
effort at Stony Point, a very popular
climbing area near Los Angeles.
Let's get Dirty! - Team work with other groups.