Backpacking 101
As a teen I’d always dream of backpacking in our local mountains.  It wasn't until my early 20’s
that I took my first backpacking course, what a mistake that was!  What should have been an
exiting adventure my first time out turned out to be a death march! For example, the trail to camp
was way to long and steep, the gear I carried was all wrong and heavy, plus my clothing was not
meant for the outdoors.  At the end of the course we all felt the guides should have spent more
time talking about gear and conditioning rather then viewing slides from their own trips.

Backpacking can not only be expensive when buying all your gear at once, it can also be very
confusing when trying to figure out what gear works best for you.  With that said we put together
a course for those of you who would like to learn and experience backpacking at a comfortable
and inexpensive pace.

Backpacking 101 - Beyond Basecamp provides all the necessary gear for you to use and try out
during your weekend stay with us in the.  All you need to bring is the proper clothing, a lunch,
dinner & a breakfast.

Saturday morning we all meet at the trail head, go over our map, then hike down to camp.  Please
note: you must be taking part in some type of exercise routine in order to hike in and out of
camp.  At camp, we'll go over the different type of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, stoves,
water filters, and other gear.  We'll also go over the
HIKING ESSENTIALS, which should help
keep you alive in case you’re ever lost, or in some type of trouble.  Everyone will have their own
tent to sleep in, however if you want to share a tent with someone, please let us know in advance
and we'll set you up with the correct size tent.

Our Backpacking 101 course gives you hands on experience of what backpacking entails before
you go out and break the bank or your back.  8 out of 10 people fall in love with it, the other two
decide backpackings not for them.

Cost for this course is a $40.00, which covers the rental fee for the Backpack, Tent, Sleeping Bag
& Pad. We use nothing but top of the line gear, these four items alone can run a person up to
$600.00. Do some homework in advance to get an idea of what a backpacking course with
someone else goes for, make note that a percentage of the rental fee goes to our

If interested, call us at (323) 896-0123 to be placed on the waiting list.  We'll give you at least a
good 2 months notice to start preparing.
Experience the back-country at
a comfortable and inexpensive