Annual Passes - valid until the end of the
month of purchase in the following year.
Designed to be used as either a hangtag or
peel-off bumper sticker. Buyers of Annual
Passes may also purchase one Second
Vehicle Pass.
If you already hold an Annual Pass, you
may buy a Second Vehicle Pass at any
Forest Service office in Southern California.
The Annual pass must be presented at time
of purchase.
Billing Policy for Southern California Adventure Pass. There are no refunds for purchases. No exceptions will be made.
Annual Passes
Annual & 2nd
Vehicle Pass
Beyond Basecamp group members can buy a yearly Adventure pass at the price of $18.00
What we're doing is splitting the cost of both passes with a group member, that way we all get a
n annual pass at the
price of $1
8.00 - Make note that you'll ether get the 2nd Vehicle Annual Pass or the Annual Pass. SAME THING!!
Fed-Ex Ground - $22.50
US Mail - $19.00
Hand deliver at a group
outing. $18.00